Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you like Foamy the Squirrel?

Foamy the Squirrel tells it like it is. Feel his squirrel wrath!

Foamy the Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Is he just so dam funny? I could sit back and watch this funny squirrel for hours. How much do you love him?

For the losers who haven't seen him go to the below: the Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am your Lord and Master.......Foamy! The Amityville Toaster makes breakfast spooky. Spooky talking toaster spooky eating toast *yum yum yum* human hand! I totally have the DvD of him and Germaine (his goth owner)Foamy the Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Thanks for the 10 points and here I thought I was the only one who enjoyed Foamy Squirrel's wrath!

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yes,but Ellen DeGeneres is funnier. if you are a fan


Do you like ';Foamy'; the squirrel?

IF you do what are your favorite cartooons? Mine: 5 More Minutes, All the Tech Support ones %26amp; Amytiville Toaster.Do you like ';Foamy'; the squirrel?
Foamy LOL!Do you like ';Foamy'; the squirrel?

Too many to list lol.


Foamy the SQUIRREL!!!!!?

ok so foamy is like the coolest but i lost the website with all (ALL) his episodies, so if u could give it to me that would be great!!!

10 pts for the first to post it!Foamy the SQUIRREL!!!!!?…
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  • Foamy the squirrel?

    anyone here like foamy the squirrel? I'm trying to get my boss to watch it. who here thinks he should give it a whirl?

    i wanna see what the people thinkFoamy the squirrel?
    have never seen itFoamy the squirrel?
    i love that show!

    love the one with him at the coffee shop.
    Yes! lol

    I like the one thats always on pills. Haha :)
    Foamy squirrel %26lt;3

    love it ^^

    Yeah he shud wotch it

    i showed my teacher in middle of a lesson and she didnt care, she jus laughed along wiv me while wotching it =]
    i love foamy..

    you should but not weird ones.

    go to and thats the main site for

    foamy and go to toons or something.

    i would recomend the ';Amityville toaster';..

    i think its towards the bottom
    I think he should watch it!

    It's hilarious!
    uhh is there such a toon?
    Takes a squirrel to point out the wrongs of this world. Watch it or squirrely wrath will be upon ye!

    Foamy the squirrel?

    Does anybody out there know how freakin hysterical Foamy the squirrel is?Foamy the squirrel?
    I'm the Lord %26amp; Master... you all are bastards

    ha Foamy's hilariousFoamy the squirrel?
    Ahh yes... he is great. The opinions really make you think as you laugh your butt off.
    well said! i like ';squirrel songs';.鈥?/a>
    Never saw that before. Amusing if you like nasty language I guess.

    What do you think of Foamy the squirrel?鈥?/a>What do you think of Foamy the squirrel?
    He's OK...What do you think of Foamy the squirrel?
    I thought he was cool years ago. I'm kinda getting bored with him now.

    Eff YouTube.
    Hahahaha when I first saw this question my only thought was ';does he have rabies?';